2023 Grammy Award Winners


Every year, a gala like event is hosted that distributes awards to the most famous and talented singers, actors and performers. Within these awards we have many categories and many contenders for the most desired prize and token of their hard work: a Grammy. It’s so desirable and fulfilling that it brings tears and elicits the most thoughtful speeches from our most fluent few. 

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Grammy’s leading to impossibly high standards, but thankfully they were well met. It was held at Crypto.com Arena and hosted by Trevor Noah for the third consecutive year. He is hired year after year because although he doesn’t make memorable jokes, he does do what he is told and does it with a smile.

This was a huge year for many, but nobody held the spotlight and captured the entire crowd like Beyonce. Not only did she make a grand entrance after being late to her own award ceremony for making history in being the human with most grammys ever at 32 awards, but in her speech she, after shedding a few tears, thanked God, her family and the queer community for “creating this genre”. Alongside of that groundbreaking award she was nominated for a total of nine grammys, but only took took home four trophies in the categories of: Best Dance/Electronic recording, Best Traditional R&B Performance, Best R&B song, and Best Dance/Electronic Music Album. 

As proud as we are of her, she was eliminated from the huge four categories that everyone aims for. This year, Bonnie Raitt took the Grammy for Song of the Year, Lizzo took Record of the Year, Samara Joy took Best New Artist, and Harry Styles took Album of the Year. Harry performed at the Grammys alongside, Bad Bunny, Stevie Wonder, Migos rapper Quavo, Glorilla and many others. 

It’s important to note that the Grammys wanted to prevent a repeat of the 2017 Grammys where Adele came home with three out of the four major awards. Meaning, this year she took home only one, none of which were of the big four.

Another milestone was set that day, a German pop singer known as Kim Petras became the first ever transgender woman to win a Grammy in the category of Best Pop Duo. She dedicated her very heartfelt speech to another transgender person before her that had been misgendered and called out the Grammys for their actions four years prior. 

And although that bittersweet moment held a lot of tension, there was still many fun and memorable moments. Similar to when Adele had met Dwayene Johsnon (The Rock) for the first time after commenting that he was her role model and it was her lifelong dream to meet him. They ended up hugging after Johnson said, “Get up here, best friend!”’

This year was a very important year, not only was it the 65th anniversary of the Grammys but many milestones and achievements were made. Next year the Grammys have a high standard to hold up to.