Eras Tour Outfit Ideas


My recreation of three outfits mentioned in the article.

Are you attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Stadium Tour this Spring or Summer and still need an outfit idea? The amount of outfits that can be inspired by any era is endless. Here I will highlight my top ten favorite Eras Stadium Tour outfit ideas that can be easily recreated, one from each album.

From Taylor Swift’s debut album, Taylor Swift, a perfect outfit would be inspired by the album photoshoot. Swift is seen wearing a white flowy dress, although no shoes are shown, you could wear cowboy boots to honor Swift’s start in country music. Her hair is also loose in the photoshoot, so no hairstyling required for this outfit.

In honor of Fearless (Taylor’s Version), a Swift tour classic would be the “Junior Jewels” shirt featured in the iconic “You Belong With Me” music video. For this outfit you just need a plain white T-shirt, some sharpies and pajama pants. Simply write “Junior Jewels” in sharpie and you could have friends write their names on your shirt, write Swift’s albums, so many options for you to make it unique.

Speak Now has several options for those who love the color purple. The long dress on the album cover or the short purple dress from the Speak Now World Tour are great options. Although these would be harder to recreate yourself, similar purple dresses can be purchased online. A messy ponytail was a signature hairstyle for the Speak Now World Tour, which make your outfit even more recognizable.

Red (Taylor’s Version) has many music videos that you could pull inspiration from, even the ten minute short film of “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)”. An easy Red inspired outfit would be the “NOT A LOT GOING ON AT THE MOMENT” shirt from the “22” music video. The shirt can be easily diy-ed or purchased online. The rest of the outfit consists of black shorts, a black hat and of course red lipstick. 

Swift has many staple looks for the 1989 era, from tour outfits to outfits from music videos there are a variety of options. Those who do ballet are in luck because Swift is seen wearing a white leotard and tutu for the “Shake It Off” music video. She also wears a blue and yellow cheerleading outfit which is a very cute and popular tour outfit.

For a reputation outfit, taking inspiration from the album cover can be so easy especially because newspaper print shirts were popular a few years ago. They may be easy to find in the thrift store, online, or even in your closet. Of course for pants, black and sequins are a must have for the reputation era. A black skirt with thigh high boots as seen on tour and in the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video would pair great with the newspaper print shirt.

Looking for a couples costume? The Lover album is perfect. In the “Lover” music video Swift and her partner wear many different matching outfits throughout the video. A simple one is a long yellow dress with a matching yellow headband, and a gray suit jacket with yellow pants. For makeup, the pink glitter heart on Swift’s face for the album cover would be a cute addition to the look. 

I’ve seen many great costumes inspired by songs from folklore, even someone dressing up as the stolen key lime green dog from “the last great american dynasty”. My favorite folklore outfit is inspired by “mirrorball”, anything sparkly and silver will be perfect There are many outfits that can be purchased online, or you can buy sticky disco ball tile strips from a craft store and make an outfit. 

Both the folklore and evermore eras are known for cardigans, so if you were lucky enough to get a cardigan and Eras Stadium Tour tickets, the cardigan would be perfect to wear to the Eras tour. Any cardigan would still fit with these two eras, and you can pair the cardigan with a long beige skirt to match the color scheme of evermore.

“Lavender Haze” from Midnights would be another option for purple lovers. Any lavender dresses, skirts, tops, etc. with a matching lavender feather boa to mimic Taylors purple feather jacket from the music video would be perfect for the Midnights era.

With so many eras and songs to pull inspiration from, there are unlimited options for you to choose from and look great at the Eras Stadium Tour this year.