The Shot Everyone Wants to Make


Photo taken by WHS Golf Coach Tim Buschmann

On March 30, 2023, junior Jackson Straatmann made an impressive swing that lead him to make the best shot possible in the sport of golf. While practicing Straatmann made a hole-in-one at Wolf Hollow Golf Club on hole number five. Straatmann has always tried to achieve this shot, but it took some time to get there. 

“I’ve been playing since 6th grade but I started to actually take it seriously my freshman year,” Straatmann said. 

Each year Straatmann has participated in golf, and he works towards a goal that is wanted by most high school athletes. 

“My goals currently are to make it to state and hit the ball more straight,” Straatmannn said. 

As he practices making that goal a reality, he was focused on the hole in front of him at practice one day. 

“When I stepped up to the tee box initially I was mad about the hole,” Straatmann said. “But my coach had just come up to watch us tee off so I was concentrating on hitting a good shot in front of him.”

For Straatmann, the shot that came next was one most golfers dream of doing when playing any hole. 

“When the ball went in I was amazed at myself and instantly started to freak out,” Straatmann said.

The feeling of accomplishing a goal that wasn’t initially set and is bigger than can be imagined is one to celebrate. 

“My teammates and I all started yelling and sprinted towards the hole,” Straatmann said. “My teammates were just as amazed as I was. Even my teammates on the hole next to us came sprinting down to look at the hole-in-one.”