Spring Fashion Styling


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Spring fashion varies from person to person, with the weather drastically changing every few minutes and conditions changing daily, dressing for spring can be confusing.  Creating outfits that are cute and comfortable throughout the season can be done with the right pieces within your wardrobe.  

Layering:  The spring season brings huge temperature changes each day.  In a single day, you can expect a nearly 30-degree temperature change from morning to afternoon.  Layering multiple pieces of clothing can keep you comfortable all day.  Cardigans, sweaters, vests, and blazers are easy pieces to [ut on over an outfit during cold mornings.

Maxi styles:  Maxi and midi dresses and skirts are good pieces for spring, they can be layered with pieces to be warm or can be styled for warmer afternoon weather.  Maxi styles are great for any season and are especially good for the changing weather of spring days. 

Pastels and Prints: Spring is a great time to start putting more color into your wardrobe, spring clothes are full of light colors and patterns.  New York Fashion Week recognizes colors such as Peach Pink, Crystal Rose and Blue Perennial as the 2023 Spring/Summer colors.  Floral patterns are another great way to add color to your outfits, most clothing stores will have both florals and light colors stocked for spring and summer. 

Basic Pieces:  having basic pieces in your wardrobe will help you to dress for every season,  they can be used to layer or to wear on their own.  Among these pieces could be well-fitting jeans, plain long sleeves and short-sleeve tops,  basic colored dresses, tennis shoes, plain boots, blazers, plain sweaters, denim shorts, and plain jackets.  Having a large number of basic pieces will allow you to style multiple outfits with similar pieces.  

Dressing for spring and summer is not hard with the right pieces, having multiple layering and basic pieces can help to create a wide variety of outfits.  Adding colorful and patterned pieces can help to personalize an outfit and can be paired with any basic piece.  Exploring different lengths in clothing can help as well, maxi or midi dresses, or cropped jeans can create interesting yet comfortable outfits for spring weather.