WANTED: New Sports Teams at WHS


Photos Courtesy of Encyclopedia Britannica

While Washington High School has a team for many sports, ranging from sports like baseball and football, to lesser thought upon sports like golf or track and field, there is still room for more sports to be introduced into the Washington High School roster. With some teams already in the works to be created, such as the infamous eSports team, what other teams do the students of Washington High School want to see introduced?

One common team that students would love to see is a men’s volleyball team. The only thing that is really holding back the formation of this team is the lack of men’s volleyball teams in the surrounding areas and school districts. I think that this team would be a great addition to the Washington High School roster. It would be filled out pretty easily and potentially allow people to discover a passion that they previously didn’t know about.

Another commonly talked about team is the aforementioned eSports team. This team is in the talks due to the rise eSports had during recent years. While it is definitely a declining topic of conversation nowadays, it definitely holds some weight as a way to compete with other schools. The obstacle holding this team back is the lack of people signing up for the team itself. While it is a great way to compete and show our schools skill, I have doubts as to whether or not there would be enough people to sign up for the team.

The last potential team I would like to talk about is a less commonly talked about potential rugby team. This team is definitely one that is not commonly brought up. A rugby team might have trouble taking off due to the sheer physicality of the sport of rugby. Rugby is definitely one of the rougher sports on the human body, but it is also a good way to see the school’s team compete against other schools. A worry I have though is the amount of other schools that have rugby teams in the area, seeing as it is not a very common American competitive sport.

This has been all of the teams that I could potentially see Washington setting up for future school years. While I think that men’s volleyball and eSports have the highest chances of getting created, I think that rugby could also be a fun alternative.