Staying Motivated Through the Last Weeks of School

Close-up of a female student learning from books in a library.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Close-up of a female student learning from books in a library.


With nearly five weeks of school left it can be hard to keep up with school work, extracurriculars and studying for finals. Sitting in a classroom when the UV index is 11 can be a miserable feeling, knowing you could be tanning, or going on a walk while doing math homework can ruin all motivation.  

New study spaces: Finding a new place to study can help explore new places and change up your scenery,  if you usually go to the same coffee shop try exploring a new library or venturing out to a different coffee shop such as The Washington Coffee Shop on fifth st. or underGROUNDS on main st.

Study outside:  Bring your homework with you when you’re outside, tanning while doing your homework.  You can also listen to study podcasts and videos while going on a walk or just relaxing outside. 

Take breaks:  Though the last few weeks of school are stressful and fast-paced it is important to take well-needed breaks.  Using the “FLOW” app can help to break up study sessions and promote healthy focus,  treat yourself after study sessions and keep yourself motivated through personal rewards.

Stay organized:  Keep track of all of your assignments and due dates, making sure you know what you need will keep you successful throughout the last few weeks of school.  You can utilize a planner or make lists of what you want to accomplish.  According to The Guardian, making to-do lists and crossing out accomplished goals can make you feel more motivated and productive.  “[To-do lists] dampen anxiety about the chaos of life; they give us a structure, a plan that we can stick to; and they are proof of what we have achieved that day, week or month,” Louise Chunn, a journalist with The Guardian, said. 

Focus on yourself:  While we can become obsessive about school work, perfecting an essay, or spending hours studying for a test the most important thing is you.  Get enough sleep each night and eat whenever you are hungry, taking care of yourself mentally and physically is just as important as the final weeks of school.  

While staying focused during the last few weeks of school can be hard, the best motivation is knowing that summer is almost here.  Finish the school year off strong, try to get in all late and missing assignments and focus on yourself during this time as well.