Winter Guard Recap

Jonah Jensen, Reporter

With 14 hour-45 minute practices spread out through the week between varsity and JV Winter Guard, plus many other hours of practicing on their own, Winter Guard requires much work. Through this hard work, Winter Guard achieved success in competition this year.

According to choreographer Rich Kim, the varsity Winter Guard show is named “Grandscapes.” Grandscapes consisted of three different landscapes of the show. The first landscape is the forest, the second is a desert or canyon and the third is the rolling hills. Each place is represented through the mood in the three sections of the soundtrack.

The team’s show of these landscapes earned them first place in their division at their first competition. Senior Beth Kleekamp was happy with their performance.

“I think we did great. It’s going to really set the bar high for the season, so I’m excited,” Kleekamp said.

The competition was held at Mascoutah High School on Jan. 30, where varsity earned a score of 78.050. However, sophomore Emily Wilson thinks there is still room for improvement.

“I think we could work on cleaning and making sure it’s all synchronized,” Wilson said.

Kleekamp agrees their show could still be enhanced.

“We could improve in communication on the floor when we’re performing and anything the judges think we can improve on,” Kleekamp said.

The score the teams receive are based out of 100 and are judged upon equipment, movement, design and general effect. The JV team scored a 60.090 at Mascoutah for their performance of “There I Stood,” which is based off the Tin Man from “The Wizard of Oz.” Junior Kaycee Ashton was surprised by their score.
“I think we did well as a team for a first competition,” Ashton said. “We could improve our timing, technique and dance.”

Ashton had wanted to be on Winter Guard after watching it for the first time.

“I liked [Winter Guard] because I see it as a very beautiful art, and I think it’s really pretty,” Ashton said.

It is freshman Anayeli Levya’s first year in Winter Guard.

“When I first saw it, it looked pretty interesting so I thought I would try it out,” Levya said.  “My favorite part is being able to participate with such good people and friends.”

During competitions, they alway have to be ready. No matter how hard they train, however, they have to focus when it’s time to perform.

“You can’t always have high expectations,” varsity member senior Grace Sullentrup said. “You always have to perform the best you can.”