Super team with KD a good idea?

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Jake Hillermann, Reporter

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Unfairness, a dream come true, a given Championship, a broken friendship and thousands of broken hearts in the NBA highlighted this season’s prelude surrounding the KD free agency surprise.

The 4th of July this year was another routinely exciting holiday for people across the U.S. But, wasn’t that what some Oklahoma City Thunder fans had hoped for, and wasn’t it also a great day for Golden State Warriors fans as Kevin Durant left the Thunder to join the Warriors for the starting the 2016-2017 NBA season? Some say this will be good for the NBA, as the Warriors can become the first “superteam,” but others think it will be bad for the NBA not being contested anymore.

This could benefit the NBA by making the first big four team ever with four of the league’s best 15 players all on the same team. “Durant’s arrival in the Bay Area only enhances what has become the best rivalry in the sport: Golden State vs. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers,” stated the New York Daily News.

But, this could also hurt the NBA by forming a virtually unstoppable team, so it seems to be a very big challenge to stop the Warriors, who had an NBA record 73-9 record behind two-time reigning MVP Steph Curry, by now adding the MVP of three years ago Kevin Durant.

Most players don’t have much of a plan to take on this team. As multiple players have said, “We’re rooting they get hurt or hate each other.”

Some NBA commissioners say this could be good for how many people who hate the Warriors. Daily News said,  “Last season, we tuned in to watch the Warriors chase 73 wins. Think about how many will tune in hoping they lose 73.”

Others might not bother watching the season for the same reason. It’s almost too easy for the team.

So only time will tell what will happen to this super team-the fans, the team he left behind and the rest of the league. Durant said in his final press conference, “As much as I will enjoy the paradise of the Golden State, I will never forget my best friend, Russell Westbrook.”

Kevin Durant made a tough decision that will forever change the NBA, and we will find out if either winning a championship or loyalty is everything to Durant soon.