Fall musical ‘White Christmas’ switches to ‘Singin’ In The Rain’

Fall musical 'White Christmas' switches to 'Singin' In The Rain'

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Putting on a play isn’t an easy thing to do. A lot could go wrong, such as a being short on practices and losing the rights to the play that is already underway.

“The play was changed because we weren’t able to get the rights from Rodgers and Hammerstein to use it,” sophomore Ezra Miles said. “We had to ask someone else, and we were able to get ‘Singin’ In The Rain.’”

The WHS Theatre Guild has officially planned on performing the play “Singin’ In The Rain” instead of “White Christmas.” The majority of the students participating in the play are happy about the change, but some are not.

“The new play is really fun,” Miles said. “I like my part better in this one, but I feel like some people got short cast because they had better roles in ‘White Christmas’ and had to be put as a lower role in ‘Singin’ In The Rain.’”

A handful of the students in the play say that they are slightly upset about the change in the cast, but most are just as happy. Although some students are upset about not being able to perform “White Christmas” in general, others have different opinions.

“I feel okay,” senior Abbey Hook said. “I didn’t really feel a certain attachment to ‘White Christmas.’ I actually prefer ‘Singin’ In The Rain.’”

In some students’ vision, they say “White Christmas” is the better choice because it is the “best play ever.” For a few students that may be true, but it isn’t for others. In fact, it is the complete opposite for some.

“I like the new play so much more,” said Hook. “It’s much funnier and much more crowd-friendly than ‘White Christmas.’”

The WHS Theatre Guild is content with the new choice of play overall. On the downside, the students are working with two weeks less of practices due to the sudden change. Even though there is this setback, the students still say that they play will be just as good as any other.

“I definitely feel like the audience will enjoy ‘Singin’ In The Rain,’” Hook said. “We’re working really hard on it.”