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The Ins and Outs of Stardew Valley Update 1.6

Bryan Austin, Reporter March 21, 2024

As of March 19, the newest, and possibly final, update for the hit indie game Stardew Valley has been released for PC players, bringing with it tons of new end-game content, three new festivals, many quality...

Perfect Place for your Holiday or Valentines Date Dinner Nearby

Perfect Place for your Holiday or Valentine’s Date Dinner Nearby

CaroleAnne Ortmann, Sports Editor February 7, 2024

    Washington is full of great culture, atmosphere, people, and most importantly food. During this time of year, we are looking for just that the perfect place to take our perfect person. In this article,...

Supporting Each Other Through the Holidays

Jade Jennings, Reporter December 21, 2023

The holiday season is a cheerful, loving time of the year that families get to spend together. Although, is it really a cheerful and loving time for everyone? Increases in divorce rates and prices of family...

What Should I Do Over Break?

“What Should I Do Over Break?”

Ellie Reinken, Social Media/Online Editor December 21, 2023

Winter break is a well-deserved time to rest for Washington High School students, after a semester of school and a week's worth of finals, it may feel like you want to sleep the time away.  However, when...

Flawed Book Review

Flawed Book Review

Brendan Smith, News Editor December 21, 2023

The book Flawed, written by Cecelia Ahern, is a book released in March of 2016. It follows Celestine North as she faces the problems in her society after being branded “Flawed” in a government sponsored...

Oreo-Cinnamon Roll Bites Recipe

Oreo-Cinnamon Roll Bites Recipe

Brynne Pearcy, Editor-In-Chief December 21, 2023

While on Thanksgiving break, I had more free time than usual. That means it calls for a new recipe to try. As I was strolling through my Instagram feed I spotted this delicious-looking reel.  Oreo-Cinnamon...

The Boy and the Heron Movie Review

The Boy and the Heron Movie Review

Brendan Smith, News Editor December 21, 2023

The Boy and the Heron is an animated movie produced by Studio Ghibli and written, animated and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Released in December of 2023, The Boy and the Heron stars, (in english), Luca...

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Our Obsession With Spotify Wrapped

Ellie Reinken, Social Media/Online Editor December 19, 2023

The Advocate published “The Advocate Wrapped” in the December 2023 issue, this was a compilation of five favorite songs from each of the staff members and heavily inspired by the annual Spotify wrapped.  Spotify...

Activities for Cold Weather

Danielle Newhouse, Opinion Editor December 19, 2023

As the weather gets colder heading into wintertime, many people find that their usual activities are halted, or you may be looking for new indoor activities to do when it’s chilly outside. Winter has...

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Neuralink: A New Future of Neurological Treatments

Cheyanne Robinson, Reporter December 1, 2023

    As technical advances are ever expanding, mankind continues to toe-the-line between science fact and science fiction. One technological acrobatic, who announced and heads many projects to further...

Photo Courtesy of Blumhouse.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” movie falls short

Cheyanne Robinson, Reporter November 3, 2023

A common trend in the movie industry has been making live-action movie adaptations of other popular media; books, anime/manga, board and video games, and more. One of the newest adapted films centers around...

Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

CaroleAnne Ortmann, Sports Editor November 2, 2023

Horror cinema has a rich and storied history, evolving over the decades producing a fascinating contrast between the old and the new. While the genre's essence—fear, suspense, and the macabre—remains...

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