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Neuralink: A New Future of Neurological Treatments

Cheyanne Robinson, Reporter December 1, 2023

    As technical advances are ever expanding, mankind continues to toe-the-line between science fact and science fiction. One technological acrobatic, who announced and heads many projects to further...

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“Five Nights at Freddy’s” movie falls short

Cheyanne Robinson, Reporter November 3, 2023

A common trend in the movie industry has been making live-action movie adaptations of other popular media; books, anime/manga, board and video games, and more. One of the newest adapted films centers around...

Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

CaroleAnne Ortmann, Sports Editor November 1, 2023

Horror cinema has a rich and storied history, evolving over the decades producing a fascinating contrast between the old and the new. While the genre's essence—fear, suspense, and the macabre—remains...

A Look at the 2023 Film Barbie

A Look at the 2023 Film “Barbie”

Ellie Reinken October 3, 2023

After nearly 64 years and over 43 movies Barbie has earned her place as the most well-recognized doll in the world. However, the 2023 film “Barbie” attempted to shed light on the negative image Barbie...

Fall Festivities in Hermann

Katie Oreskovic October 3, 2023

As an array of colors pop up along the hills, and crisp air makes its way to town, there are many changes individuals may look forward to during the fall season. To fully take advantage of the season,...

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

CaroleAnne Ortmann, Sports Editor October 2, 2023

On a late September day, early in the morning, when the chill starts to set in, your breath becomes noticeable, the windshields fog up, and you turn the heat on as soon as you jump in the car.  Those...

The Year of the Fangirl

The Year of the Fangirl

Connor Blackwood, Features Editor October 2, 2023

This summer, movie theatres saw a monumental turnout at the release of Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie.” The movie’s outstanding performance at release, which made about 1.3 billion dollars, causing viewers...

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Streaming Services Revolutionize Movies and Television

Danielle Newhouse, Opinions Editor September 29, 2023

When the younger generation thinks of watching TV, it’s usually not cable. One might think of a show or movie on Netflix, Hulu or Disney Plus. Streaming services have become the new normal for how we...

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Flushed Away Religious Commentary

Claire Nappier May 19, 2023

The iconic 2006 movie, Flushed Away, is well known for its charming story following Roddy St. James, a rat that is flushed down a toilet, away from his house, and plunged into a whole new world where he...

“Make the Friendship Bracelets”

Rachel Derner, Entertainment & Opinions Editor May 15, 2023

For many, going to concerts is about more than just seeing a favorite artist live—it’s also about community. For a few hours, a group of strangers are united by their love for a musical artist. The...

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Staying Motivated Through the Last Weeks of School

Ellie Reinken, Reporter May 3, 2023

  With nearly five weeks of school left it can be hard to keep up with school work, extracurriculars and studying for finals. Sitting in a classroom when the UV index is 11 can be a miserable feeling,...

Ways to Improve your Mental Health

Ways to Improve your Mental Health

Brynne Pearcy, Sports/Online/Social Media Editor April 30, 2023

For many students mental health is put on a back burner while trying to focus on school and other activities they may be involved in. The stressful workload can cause a student’s mental health to be...

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