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Netflix show ‘CHEER’ brings out new perspective on teamwork

Netflix show 'CHEER' brings out new perspective on teamwork

Katelyn Garrett, Editor-in-Chief

January 31, 2020

Cheerleading: a controversial sport, yet intriguing for many to watch. Although many people only know about the cheer on the sidelines, the new Netflix show “CHEER” brings a new perspective on more than just getting the crowd excited for a college sports team. During this one season containing six ...

‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Review

'The Rise of Skywalker' Review

Ben Tobben, Reporter

January 27, 2020

Star Wars has defined nearly a half century for its fans and pop culture in general. Recently, all that could be seen on the internet with Star Wars memes for Baby Yoda. So, the movie series is still thriving as it did in the late seventies. However, the new Star Wars, “The Rise of Skywalker,” do...

The History of MLK Day

Elena Roewe, Reporter

January 19, 2020

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has officially been a federal holiday since 1986, although it took years to be observed in all fifty United States. The road to getting a day dedicated to Dr. King was long and hard. The first attempt at getting the holiday in place was just four days after King’s as...

Back to school motivation

Back to school motivation

Kaylee Karll, Reporter

January 16, 2020

A long semester of learning, tests, QA’s and finals only make it that much more enjoyable when Christmas break comes around. These things also make it that much harder for students to go back knowing they have another semester to face. Despite the difficulties and stress of returning to school, it is i...

A “popping” treat

Tasty and easy Christmas Marshmallow Pops

Emma Hillermann, Reporter

December 2, 2019

As the air becomes crisp and the days grow to be dark, everyone is looking for a tasty way to warm their hearts and spark their taste buds. A fun and easy way to achieve your delicious goals is making Christmas Marshmallow pops. These treats are quick and easy to make, only taking a half an hour. To make...

‘Frozen 2’ a heart warming story, stunning animation

'Frozen 2' a heart warming story, stunning animation

Emma Busch, Reporter

December 1, 2019

The first “Frozen” movie has captured the hearts of many people young and old, and “Frozen 2” will most likely do the same. “Frozen 2” was an outstanding movie with stunning and vivid animation that helped the characters and scenes come to life. The plot was also well thought out and moved...

A turkey day breakfast treat

A turkey day breakfast treat

Jadyn Whittall, Reporter

November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving morning can be stressful and chaotic. With most people trying to get ready to go visit relatives, many may struggle with having time to cook breakfast in the morning. Try this breakfast casserole that will start your Thanksgiving morning out right, and is quick and delicious! This re...

‘The Hate U Give’ gets overall great reviews

Katelyn Garrett, Editor-in-Chief

November 1, 2019

In the mind of a teenager, high school and teenage years are supposed to be a fun and adventurous time to hang out with friends, get your first job and even get your driver's license. For Starr Carter, her teenage years were filled with traumatic experiences, court dates and national news. Warning: ...

Halloween traditions around the world

Halloween traditions around the world

Elena Roewe, Reporter

October 30, 2019

Halloween originated from Celtic paganism in the British Isles. Their feast of Samhain, which was their way of ushering in the new year, was the time that they believed ghosts came out to haunt, so they gave away treats to appease them. The holiday also includes some elements of the Roman celebration of Pom...

The Evolution of Halloween

Carving pumpkins is a new time Halloween tradition.

Emma Hillermann, Reporter

October 29, 2019

Every year when October rolls around, people across America prepare themselves for the “spooky season” and get ready for Halloween. Decorations are put up, candy is bought and the leaves change color. At the beginning of October, you begin to see houses transforming into haunted mansions and graveya...

Halloween treats that will fly away in no time

Halloween Oreo bat balls are a spooky treat to celebrate the season.

Kaylee Karll, Reporter

October 28, 2019

With Halloween right around the corner, many people are searching for costumes or looking into buying candy for trick or treaters. Other people may be making plans with their friends to hang out or trying to decide where to hang out. If you want to spend time with friends, family or even by yourself and ...

Fall clothes on a budget

Fall clothes on a budget

Abbie Kipp, Advertising Editor

October 28, 2019

As the temperature has started to drop, many people have traded in short sleeves for long sleeves and shorts for pants. If you are like me, you may have noticed the lack of fall clothes in your closet, but don’t worry—I have tips to help you upgrade your closet on a budget. The first thing you will nee...

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