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2022 Retiring WHS Staff

2022 Retiring WHS Staff

Rachel Derner , Reporter May 25, 2022

Carla Campbell Washington High School teacher Carla Campbell is retiring after a 17-year career in Special Education. Throughout her time as a teacher, Campbell has been inspired by students’ persistence...

Students open up about mental health, seeking help

Students open up about mental health, seeking help

Sophie Nieder, Editor-in-Chief March 27, 2022

Throughout high school, students are bound to experience a wide variety of intense emotions: joy, loneliness, excitement, embarrassment and more. However, how do you know when the intensity and prolonging...

Being a part of jazz band gives students new opportunities. “I really like music in general,” Rylee said, “and the more opportunities that I have to play is great because [band is] always going to be something I can do.” Photo Provided by- Andrew Busch

Jazz band starts new season

Emma Busch, Entertainment Editor March 16, 2022

Washington High School offers a wide variety of fine arts for students to take. With things like painting, pottery, acting and music classes, the opportunities are endless. If students are interested in...

	Students dance the night away at a Courtwarming 2.0 dance held by Washington High School seniors. “I loved that there was always someone on the dance floor, there was never a dull moment,” sophomore Malayjah Hellebusch said. “Being a freshman in the prime year of COVID, I never got to experience a regular school dance. With these 2.0 dances, I’ve gotten a better insight into how school dances will hopefully look like in the near future.” After two successful dances, seniors have donated over $200 to charities and hope to hold one more event before the end of the school year.

Living in the Spotlight

Kaylee Karll, Opinion's Editor February 28, 2022

Over the course of the 2021-2022 school year, students of all ages are still suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. While numerous school events have been affected with changes, the altercations of high...

Pride flag courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

GSA hosts spirit week, welcomes more members

Kyle Meyer, Reporter October 27, 2021

From Oct. 11 to Oct. 15 Gay Straight Alliance held a spirit week for LGBTQ awareness to help inform and to spread a message about love. Love being the theme of the first day, where students were invited...

Washington High School Orchestra students play in their first concert of the school year on Wednesday, October 13. “Its really cool to display something that weve put a lot of effort and work into for months,” explains Senior Molly Schaedler. Concerts allow students to share music with the community.

Orchestra Plays On

Rachel Derner, Reporter October 26, 2021

As with almost all aspects of life, the WHS orchestra program has been strongly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Though students were unable to have a standard orchestra experience last year, the Oct....

Future Teachers of WHS

Future Teachers of WHS

Kaylee Karll, Opinions Editor October 25, 2021

Starting in mid October, Four Rivers Career Center Teaching Careers students started their journeys in student teaching. This is where the career kids get placed with a teacher in the community to help...

Photo submitted by Katie Oreskovic

The Pride of Washington’s New Head

Brendan Smith, Reporter October 20, 2021

This year the Washington School District’s middle school and high school band administration has come under new leadership in the form of two new band directors, Stewart Alloway and Madeline Watts, both...

Melissa Ziegler named Teacher of the Year Finalist

Melissa Ziegler named Teacher of the Year Finalist

Kyle Meyer, Reporter October 1, 2021

On September 2, Melissa Ziegler, Medical Interventions and Biomedical Innovations instructor at Four Rivers Career Center received a visit during class from the FRCC staff and students to announce to her...

Peer mediation program starts at WHS

Peer mediation program starts at WHS

Amber Christeson, Editor-in-Chief September 22, 2021

     On top of all the new changes at Washington High School this year, there is a new program offered to select students. This program is called the Peer Mediation program.      “Peer mediation...

A recently built Planet Fitness, located in Washington, Mo., has been a hot spot for people of all ages to start or continue their fitness journey. “I really enjoy this gym because it is way cheaper than other gyms in town and they have lots of different machines and workout options, junior Lydia Maune said. “The gym is also fairly targeted for beginners so it was very easy to get started.” Planet Fitness is one of the largest and fastest growing fitness centers in the United States, with at least one location in each state.

Happy, Healthy Life

Kaylee Karll, Reporter March 19, 2021

Growing up, a lot of children are taught exercise is beneficial to their body. As they get older, it is also usually learned that trying to exercise and juggle school, work or any other part of life can...

Seniors Emma Hillermann and Kaylie Rowe pose for a picture after their solos at their live concert March 10. “The Sky Above the Roof was my favorite song because it contained lots of range, but it was also more relatable and was more me, Hillermann said. This will be Hillermann and Rowes last year in choir.

Singing their solos

Abbie Kipp, Advertising Editior March 12, 2021

On Wednesday, March 10, Washington High School was able to put on their first live choir concert in the CJB theater. Seven choir students, sophomore Madison Broughton, senior Evan Courtaway, senior Sam...

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