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CosMc’s — A New Competitor for Starbucks?

CosMc’s — A New Competitor for Starbucks?

Bryan Austin January 31, 2024

It seems that every month, some fast food chain has a grand new idea that often ends in a flop. From new and experimental items, to mirroring the gimmicks of their competitors, to the rise of automation...

Flawed Book Review

Flawed Book Review

Brendan Smith, News Editor December 21, 2023

The book Flawed, written by Cecelia Ahern, is a book released in March of 2016. It follows Celestine North as she faces the problems in her society after being branded “Flawed” in a government sponsored...

Why Christmas Music Should Play Before Thanksgiving

Bryan Austin, Reporter December 21, 2023

Every year around this time, holiday music begins to flood popular radio stations, and festive decorations start being sold at every department store. But should this be the case? Many people believe that...

The Boy and the Heron Movie Review

The Boy and the Heron Movie Review

Brendan Smith, News Editor December 21, 2023

The Boy and the Heron is an animated movie produced by Studio Ghibli and written, animated and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Released in December of 2023, The Boy and the Heron stars, (in english), Luca...

Photo from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Film Review

Danielle Newhouse, Opinions Editor November 8, 2023

Taylor Swift releasing her nationally acclaimed Eras Tour as a film in theaters has caused a stir. It has broken many records including the first concert movie to make over $100 million, highest first...

Photo Courtesy of Blumhouse.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” movie falls short

Cheyanne Robinson, Reporter November 3, 2023

A common trend in the movie industry has been making live-action movie adaptations of other popular media; books, anime/manga, board and video games, and more. One of the newest adapted films centers around...

Working Out as a Teen

Jade Jennings, Reporter November 3, 2023

As a student in high school, life is busy and teens are always on the go. Occupied with classes, sports, work, and trying to spend time with friends and family, it is almost impossible to find time to...

Smart Mouth Pizza

Smart Mouth Pizza

Makaylynn Ray, Reporter November 2, 2023

We've all heard of the new Smart Mouth Pizza at Washington High School that has replaced Domino's pizza. Smart Mouth Pizza is a pizza that is specifically designed to only be served in schools. Their goal...

Fall Treat Review

Maddy Henderson October 2, 2023

Fall has begun, which means it’s time for cozy sweaters, Gilmore Girls, nice candles and warm baked goods. I tried a few of the seasonal treats that Washington has to offer. First, the “Pumpkin...

Plant Native This Earth Day

Faith Gardner, Reporter May 18, 2023

Happy Earth Day Bluejays. It is important to take some time this month in honor of Earth Day to learn about small steps we can take to help improve our local and global environment. One small action we...

Best Summer Spots in Washington Missouri

Best Summer Spots in Washington Missouri

CaroleAnne Ortmann, Reporter May 1, 2023

The Midwest is known for having some of the most beautiful natural sights in the nation. Knowing this we should start to appreciate these sights this summer. So I have compiled a list of places close by...

Photos Courtesy of Encyclopedia Britannica

WANTED: New Sports Teams at WHS

Brendan Smith, Features Editor April 27, 2023

While Washington High School has a team for many sports, ranging from sports like baseball and football, to lesser thought upon sports like golf or track and field, there is still room for more sports...

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