The Advocate


The Advocate Online is a public forum for Washington High School students, is updated weekly by the journalism class and is accessible to all students, faculty and administration at no cost.


The purpose of The Advocate, both in print and online, is to inform students and faculty through news stories about past and upcoming events and to entertain its readers with features about school life. This staff will learn and practice good journalism by striving to be fair, accurate and objective.


Signed editorials, cartoons and illustrations are the opinions of the author or cartoonist and may not necessarily be the opinion of the staff. Letters to the editor are welcome and should be taken to Room 1310 or mailed to WHS, 600 Blue Jay Drive, Washington, MO 63090. In order to be printed, the letters must be signed and contain no obscenity or libelous remarks. The staff may have to edit a letter to the editor, depending on space available. When printed, all letters to the editor will include the name of the letter writer.


The staff sells advertising in order to pay for printing costs because the paper is not funded by the school. Businesses are welcome to buy advertising space, but the staff reserves the right to reject advertising that is deems inappropriate for a high school publication.

Inappropriate Language:

The staff will refrain from using profanity or obscenity in all articles, including the letters to the editor.


The staff will not use the names of students, faculty, administration, support staff or any others in a libelous manner. All materials will be proofread by the editors and the adviser to make sure that no libelous statements will be printed.

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