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How Landfills Harm the Environment
How Landfills Harm the Environment
Bryan Austin, Reporter • December 22, 2023

Here in Washington, we have our own landfill, where trash is dumped out by both garbage trucks and individuals alike. It’s a place to consolidate all...

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Is Early Decision the Best Decision?
Maddy Henderson, Entertainment Editor • December 21, 2023

The college application process is a confusing one. Varying deadlines for applications, scholarships, and housing can be very overwhelming. One of the...

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Hitting 100 Wins
Hitting 100 Wins
Brynne Pearcy, Editor-in-Chief • February 12, 2024

On Jan. 13 at Rockwood Summit High School, junior Maggie Ortmann hit 100 wins in her wrestling career. Hitting 100 wins is a huge achievement that not everyone can celebrate in their high school career. This goal wasn’t...

Overdone New Years Resolutions of 2024
Overdone New Year's Resolutions of 2024
CaroleAnne Ortmann, Sports Editor • January 31, 2024

As the new year begins, so does the start of your resolutions.     Gym memberships skyrocket in January as individuals pledge to sculpt their dream bodies. Yet, by February, many pay for memberships they rarely use....

Holiday Events at Purina
December 19, 2023
Photograph taken by Jon Bauer
Marching into the End
November 2, 2023
CosMc’s — A New Competitor for Starbucks?
CosMc’s — A New Competitor for Starbucks?
Bryan Austin January 31, 2024

It seems that every month, some fast food chain has a grand new idea that often ends in a flop. From new and experimental items, to mirroring the gimmicks...

Flawed Book Review
Flawed Book Review
Brendan Smith, News Editor • December 21, 2023

The book Flawed, written by Cecelia Ahern, is a book released in March of 2016. It follows Celestine North as she faces the problems in her society after...

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