Focus on those around you this new year

Photo Courtesy of ZenChill Blog

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With all the buzz of the new year, it’s made me think of all I’ve been through in 2017—the trials, the emotions, the fun and the blessings. And I’m grateful. For all of it. The trials made me stronger, the fun enhanced my happiness and the blessings were numerous. I’ve also reflected on how I helped others and made an impact in their lives. We could all do better at serving others, whether it be helping someone put their groceries in their car or giving a smile or compliment to those who need it. Then I thought about who’s impacted me and left their fingerprint in my life, whether big or small.

I recently had a friend pass away from Ewing’s Sarcoma, and I thought of her bravery and example to others. The way she dealt with her heartbreaking trials was done in a way that you couldn’t help but admire her. Although she had her own struggles, she listened and cared for those others who were struggling. She was someone that I didn’t know super well, yet her actions still influenced me.

So this year, look to her actions as an example. Be a light to others. Be the person that people look to for a smile in the hallway, the person to always include others in what you’re doing. Make 2018 a year to remember—for yourself and for those around you.