Pelicans sweep Blazers


The New Orleans Pelicans swept the 3 seed Portland Trail Blazers as a 6 seed. The last time a 3 seed was swept by a 6 seed I can’t remember. This is amazing considering after Demarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis’ co-star, was ruled out for season, many thought that they would not even make the playoffs. This was entirely a team effort by the Pelicans, but Davis did amazing in leading his team while role players stepped in and played well defense.

Jrue Holiday was faced up against All-star Damian Lillard and beat him in points per game and assists by a lot. In the final game of the series, Holiday scored twice as many points (41) as Lillard (19). Davis was the MVP in this upset, however, and averaged 33 points a game, which further justified a defensive player of the year award he could be lifting in late June.

This series was a very pivotal moment for the Pelicans organization. Cousins’ free agency is awaiting after the postseason, and if he were to leave, many contenders would try to get Davis as the Pelicans would not be seen as a contender. But Davis won his first four career playoff games in a row, swinging many of the problems the Pelicans could’ve faced away for the moment as they play the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors, in the Conference Semi-Finals. But no matter the outcome, the Pelicans should be proud of what they were able to accomplish this season, especially Davis with his growth as a leader. He is now a post season threat for the first time in his career.