Leadership class spreads kindness


Photo by Willa Reust

When spotting a poster, take a slip for yourself or for someone else. “They could help our school get more confident and grow more as a friends instead of just peers,” senior Olivia Emke said. The posters can be found on the walls around school on classroom doors, bathroom mirrors, near water fountains and more, so keep an eye out.

This November, the WHS Leadership class has hung posters around school to spread the love. Simply take a slip reading various messages such as “you are loved,” “thank you for being so kind” and “I love you friend” and pass it on to a friend.

“I was inspired to put the signs up because I wanted to let people know that there is support for them,” senior Olivia Emke.

Emke, who is enrolled in Leadership, is part of the student spirit committee. In hallways filled with students stressing over last night’s math homework, tough relationships and upcoming finals, the committee is dedicated to boosting morale, wanting to share these kind messages with their peers.

“We are hoping to spread positivity and support throughout the school,” junior Emily Hahne said. “These posters would be a wonderful way to remind people to show support for someone who is important to them.”

So next time passing a poster in the hall, tear off a slip and add to the kindness WHS students have to offer.

“Everyone needs a little positivity in their life,” Hahne said “Whether it be your closest friend or someone you do not talk to much, anyone would appreciate a sincere compliment.”