‘Angsty Teens’ improv club brings acting experience to WHS Theatre Guild


Photo Courtesy of Flickr

‘Angsty Teens,’ the improv club at WHS, was started by a graduated senior three years ago and has helped many future actors in the WHS theatre guild.

“My sister and I used to watch ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ on Youtube, which is a really amazing improv show, so I was always kind of interested in it, and then when I heard they were taking applicants for improv club, I immediately signed on,” junior Andrew Post said.

Many people who are in theater also are in Improv Club to help with coming up with alternate lines if an issue occurs.

“I’m already in theater, so seeing there was an improv club was pretty interesting because it’s a lot of fun to play games with your friends and work on your improv skills,” senior Ezra Miles said. “On stage, if something goes wrong, you usually have to improvise and it can help a lot with that.”

Along with being able to perfect performances, students get to build bonding experiences by playing games, and getting to know people and make friends.

“You learn the basics of improv, the rules of improv. We play a lot of games because that’s all you really can do with improv is play the different improv games,” Post said. “But it’s all about thinking really quick on your feet, building a scene. It really makes you better as a performer.”

Although many people from theater have joined Improv Club, it is not a requirement. 

“Improv isn’t for everyone, some people don’t like the idea of not having a script in front of them and having to come up with things on their own, so it’s not something you have to do, but it’s something me, personally, that I like to do,” Post said.

Improv Club meets on Wednesdays, depending on where teachers meet after school, at 2:20 in theatre director Kerry Holtmeyer’s room.

“[Improv Club] is pretty much a judgment free zone, and it’s always a lot of fun,” Miles said. “If you feel like you’re not that creative, go out there and try it. There’s really nothing you could be doing wrong.”