The month of May raises mental health awareness


Photo Courtesy of Joint Base Andrews

The month of May marks “Mental Health Awareness Month.” Every year, these 31 days are dedicated to provide support, break stigmas and educate the public on mental health. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, it is a time dedicated to caring and offering support for the one in five people suffering from a mental illness.

As stated by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, two out of three Americans suffer from a mental health illness but never seek treatment. And although a mental illness is not a curable disease, seeking treatment to take steps toward mental wellness is important. In the spirit of May, Mental Health America has challenged Americans to the “#4mind4body” challenge. This challenge promotes mental wellness by creating healthier life choices such as healthy eating, exercise, kindness, extra sleep, time to destress, etc.

With that being said, the month of May marks a time of stress for WHS students. Testing, AP exams and final grades dominate the work space. In this time, everyone needs a bit of time to make choices for their mental health. To start, sleep! Despite late jobs or nights of homework, try to get some rest. Make healthier eating choices and try to get outside in this warmer weather. To manage stress, cut out negative relationships and create positive memories.

As I try to wrap up the year successfully, I am no stranger to the struggles of making this a positive time and not wrecking my mental health. It is difficult to become a healthier individual and my advice applies to myself first. We can all take this time to reflect on our choices and acknowledge the effects mental health has on day-to-day life. Happy “Mental Health Awareness Month!” Let’s take this time to work on ourselves.