Trump impeachment hearing increases chance for a trial


A hearing regarding Donald Trump’s impeachment will be held Wednesday, December 4th. The hearing is regarding evidence from a whistleblower against the president stating that he improperly tried to get help from Ukraine to improve his chances of a 2020 re-election. Trump is accused of seeking help from the Ukranian president to hurt Joe Biden due to Biden’s son hunter working for a Ukranian company during Biden’s vice-presidency. The call from Trump to Ukranian president Zelensky happened shortly after the Trump had blocked millions of dollars worth of military aid to Ukraine. A senior official testified that Trump had held it conditionally upon the investigation of Biden, but the White House denies this. 

There is some evidence that hurts the case though. The military aid did go through and the Ukrainians said they were unaware that the aid was held back at all. The Ukranian president also said that he felt no pressure during the phone call with President Trump. Impeachment will not mean that Trump will certainly be released from office but instead means that a trial will occur. The only way that Trump can be removed is if 2/3rds of the Senate vote to convict him. If this happens then vice-president Mike Pence will take up the mantle of President.