Netflix show ‘CHEER’ brings out new perspective on teamwork


Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Cheerleading: a controversial sport, yet intriguing for many to watch. Although many people only know about the cheer on the sidelines, the new Netflix show “CHEER” brings a new perspective on more than just getting the crowd excited for a college sports team. During this one season containing six episodes, the show puts viewers through an emotional rollercoaster and opens their eyes to a new angle of teamwork.

The season takes place in Corsicana, Texas, where some of the best cheerleaders in the country go to school– Navarro College. The team is run by Monica Aldama and has previously won 14 National championships in Daytona, Florida, which puts pressure on the team this year to win again in order to keep the streak going. The whole season is the cheerleaders learning their routine for Daytona, along with some backstories on some of the teammates. A majority of the people on Navarro College Cheer Team come from broken homes and look up to their cheer coach, Monica, as a mother figure, which can really tug on the heartstrings. While trying to piece together the routine, injuries are flying left and right, causing the coach to put in alternates like there’s no tomorrow. At the end of the season, with the exception of one injury in the middle of the two minute and 30 second routine, the team ended up winning the competition, leaving everyone thrilled that all of their hard work paid off.

If I were to recommend this series to someone who knows nothing about cheer, I would. This season is way more than just watching stunts fly in the air and people do flips; you feel like you’re on the team with them. Although it is only six episodes, you feel as if you’ve known them all of your life. Listening to all of the stories from the cheerleaders and their parents will leave you in tears, so I fully recommend this show to anyone who has access to Netflix. It is rumored that there will be another season of “CHEER,” but it has not been confirmed by any reliable sources. Although being a cheerleader means being in sparkly outfits and using two cans of hairspray, it also means family and teamwork– and “CHEER” shows you just that.