Mac Miller “Circles” Review

Mac Miller’s posthumous album “Circles” is much different from his other releases, especially since his last two albums, “Swimming” and “The Divine Feminine.” After his untimely passing, Mac Miller’s incomplete album circles was finished by Jon Brion and various other producers connecting the dots of the unfinished project into a beautiful, almost singer-songwriter album in place of the rapping on his other projects. The album is a testament to Mac’s many talents, and he really brings them out on this album. His singing is powerful in the sense that it’s Mac in a very raw form. His singing is beautiful and is the main focus. The stripped-back instrumentals let his softer, more understated voice shine. The album is a really tight and concise release, and I couldn’t be happier that it isn’t a cash-grab like so many other posthumous albums fall into. 

It’s just such a shame that what might be Mac Miller’s best album was his last, hitting his stride right before he passed. The album is definitely Mac’s most different, with more singing on it than rapping. The rapping on the album, though, is a really strong showing of his skill. Even though there isn’t much rapping on this album, I feel like it’s all better than his rapping “The Divine Feminine.” Overall, this album is a sad send-off for an artist who seemed like he was just starting to go places.