Covid-19 lock-down protests are misled, dangerous


Courtesy of Flickr

President Donald Trump answers questions during a coronavirus update.

Covid-19 has kept me firmly inside where I like to be, but some people have been protesting lock-downs across the country and gathering outside statehouses. Even while we know how dangerous and easily spreadable the virus is, some people still have completely disregarded that wisdom and decided the best course of action is to protest lock-downs. Even while Covid-19 has killed over 230,000 people worldwide, the sentiment from the people protesting is that we need to get back to work, no matter the risk. This sentiment comes from misinformation on the internet and from sources like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have said many things about the coronavirus, from downplaying deaths to rejecting science. They’ve also made many claims about the virus being similar to the flu, which it is not. These statements have led to these protests that we’ve been seeing. 

The only thing that these protests will do is not only spread the virus faster but also keep us in lock-down for longer. The purpose of staying inside and on lock-down is simple: to flatten the curve and to keep our loved ones safe. Our healthcare system has no way to deal with an extreme spike in coronavirus cases, so instead, we are trying to spread them out and obtain more information on the virus. We should also stay inside for the elderly and immunosuppressed people that this virus hurts the most. 

There are many ways to help prevent this virus and still have comfort. Finding new hobbies and new shows are perfect ways to distract yourself from what is happening. All we can do is stay at home and hope that scientists and doctors find helpful information about this pandemic sooner rather than later.