Rock hiding game helps relieve stress of quarantine


Rock hidden at the High School

While we are quarantined, people are searching for ways to entertain themselves, some people are doing puzzles, while others find new shows to binge on Netflix and Disney Plus. While in quarantine there have been shows such as Tiger King that have been widely discussed and documentaries like The Last Dance that give us a side to the celebrities that we’ve never seen. With Disney Plus releasing new shows and movies, people are occupied all the time. But with people becoming more restless cooped up at home watching countless hours of TV shows have to search for ways to entertain themselves. Around town there have been hiding painted rocks for others to find and hide again. The only clue that you get is a picture with the location scrambled and you have to use the picture to find it. The catch is you have to hide it in city limits, the pictures are on a Facebook group, once you find a rock, you post a picture of you with the rock and then you hide it again. The game gives people an opportunity to get out and not be angry that they have nothing to do.