The Giving Trees

WHS woodshop classes create, distribute wooden trees, snowmen

Many are aware that this year has been full of many, many negative factors, but in an attempt to add some joy to others’ lives, WHS’s woodworking classes shared some of their constructed projects amongst the school just in time for the holiday season. 

When I took over the industrial arts program, there was a lot of scrap and short 2x4s and they were in the way, so I scoured the internet looking for ideas to use them up and I came across the Christmas trees and snowmen made out of short 2×4’s,” industrial arts teacher Aron Hulsey said. “I thought that would be something great to do for the staff.”

The process behind these gifts was a major learning experience for the students creating them. However, they were able to use previous knowledge as well as newly learned skills to produce them. Starting by using tape measures to mark the boards, the students then used the radical compound miter saw to correctly cut the 2x4s. Once all the blocks were cut to size, the drill driver was used to screw five screws into each project. After the stars were carefully cut and attached, students then finalized their projects by painting everything. 

“I knew there were around 100 teachers at the high school, so we made 100 Christmas trees and 100 snowmen. That way we had more than enough for every staff member to get their choice,” Hulsey said. 

Not only were the teachers beyond thankful for this act of kindness, but the students who participated hope the presents become an annual tradition. 

“I do hope this tradition stays for years to come. Maybe each year it could change a little to be remembered for something new, but I think the tradition should stay” junior Jacob Baldwin said. “The trees really helped spread positivity by showing everyone what we had to be grateful for this holiday season, including the little things.”