Thanksgiving Pie Contest

The WHS Staff Competes in a Thanksgiving Pie Contest

Made by Erika Robertson

Made by Erika Robertson

The Advocate Staff held a Thanksgiving Pie Contest for all Washington High School staff to compete in. Participants had to make a traditional Thanksgiving pie that would be judged by the Advocate Staff. If they wanted to enter, they must have sent in what type of pie they were going to make and an ingredients list, for allergy purposes. 

There were a total of nine pies that were involved in the contest. Some of the pies were a chocolate pecan pie and root beer float pie. There were many different types of pies which made the contest more interesting. 

The pies were judged on presentation, texture, and of course taste. All judges gave their honest ratings one through five for each individual pie. At the end of the tasting the results were collected and added up for first, second and third place. 

Now, in first place was Dan Heck with the Peanut Butter Pie. This delicious pie had peanut butter, cream cheese, whipping cream, vanilla and more delightful ingredients. All judges enjoyed this pie, some even went up for seconds. 

Next, the pie that placed second was the United Pie made by Kelly Wood. This pie had many great flavors that were mixed together beautifully. These ingredients included graham crackers, sweetened condensed milk, coconut, chocolate chips and pecans. This pie was enjoyable in all aspects. 

Finally, in third place was Kathy Haddox who made the Death by Chocolate Pie. The pie had the wonderful taste of rich chocolate in every bite. The ingredients were simple, pie crust, chocolate and whipped cream. 

Overall, the Thanksgiving pie contest was a success and allowed an enjoyable experience for everyone who participated, but also for our judges.