Spotify wrapped


Photo courtesy of Spotify.

December first marks the first day in which Spotify launches it’s yearly viewing of it’s “Spotify Wrapped” program. The program can be viewed within the app and shows Spotify-users interesting facts and statistics about the music and podcasts they have listened to within the app. 

On top of sharing your music activity, this year’s Spotify Wrapped features witty comments, particularly those that relate to trends of the year such as embracing your inner “main character”. It helps to add to the excitement and humor that can be found while viewing the mini-program the app puts on for you.

Photo credit of Spotify. My 2021 Spotify Wrapped results, with over 42 days straight of time spent listening to music, I was definitely surprised to find out how often I listened to music. But, as a musician and music-enjoyer, a part of me isn’t as surprised.

This year’s Spotify Wrapped features your own personal “movie soundtrack” with suggested songs that would play for your time as a main character, how many minutes you spent listening to music on the app (what percentile of listeners you were in), your top five most played songs, including how often you listened to the first in that list, your “Audio Aura”, how many genres you listened to throughout the year and your top five, a two truths and a lie game about your Spotify activity, the amount of artists you listened to, including your top five and the amount of time you spent listening to your top artist, and a sharable sheet of your “top fives” to post online. 

Half of the fun of watching the program is getting to screenshot your results and compare it with your friends and family. This itself can be a smart marketing tool for Spotify, convincing users to use their platform for a whole year to get these results themself, but also brings a bit of holiday cheer with the newly created tradition of showing off your personalized Spotify Wrapped.

On top of your own personal results, Spotify also features worldwide trends and “top five” counts which can be found here. One of the most interesting fun facts to me, is how Spotify reports that over 2.9 million playlists have been created that, in some form, relate back to plants. While the service primarily features music, there are slight mentions to podcasts as well, this year’s fan-favorite appearing to be Spotify’s own “Horoscope Today”.

If you haven’t already, I would definitely recommend looking into your own Spotify Wrapped results. With my personal results of over 61,000 minutes spent on the app, I was very surprised to find out I listened to Spotify more than 95 percent of other listeners. On top of that, I was in the top 0.5 percent of listeners to one of my favorite artists, Mitski. So if you like to compete, or just enjoy getting a list of your music trends of the past year, Spotify Wrapped is for you.