Best Ways to Spend Your Snow Day

This week our school district, as well as many surrounding districts, was blessed with a half a week of snow days. With all this time what are the best ways to spend it. I hope to help you.

A favorite thing is to bake something, whether that’s cookies, brownies, or other treats that you would want to enjoy on a snow day. You can find many recipes for your favorite treats online or get special recipes from a family member or friend to get a more homemade feel.

Another fun thing is to go out and play in the snow. This is an opportunity to feel like a kid again and be okay with it. Activities like sledding, snowball fights, building a snowman, and of course the tedious shoveling the driveway and walkways, which I happen to enjoy. After you are finished with your outdoor snow activity going inside and making a fresh cup of hot chocolate is a perfect way to finish off a great time and warm up.

Sleeping in a few extra hours is a part to look forward to as well as playing board games with your family or friends, or playing video games while the snow is falling is one of my personal favorites that I look forward to on a snow day.

Finishing the days activities with chili for dinner is a classic and something I love to do. Watching a movie or TV show in the nightcap all comfortable in the sheets is a perfect ending to the day.

These things are some of my personal favorites and others as well but ultimately the best way to spend your time off is to do what you enjoy. The best way to spend the time is using it as a day off, a way to catch up on life and ultimately take a break from your usual duties that life requires.