Moon Knight Review


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Spoilers for Moon Knight on Disney plus


Spoilers for Moon Knight on Disney Plus


Moon Knight is a show about a man chosen to be the avatar of the Egyptian god of the moon and the night sky, Khonshu. This man’s name is Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac), he is an American mercenary turned super hero after being mortally wounded inside of an Ancient Egyptian temple where he meets Khonshu for the first time. 

The twist is that Marc isn’t the only one in his body, he has dissociative identity disorder, which leads us to the first character seen in the series, Steven Grant. Steven is a shy, quiet andEgypt-obsessed gift store clerk at his local museum. One day Steven wakes up in a village near the coast, far away from his home in London, when he stumbles upon a cult meeting led by cult leader, and main villain, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), who believes that the Egyptian goddess of judgment, Ammit, will cleanse the world of all evil, even if that means killing millions of people in the process. Marc had stolen something from Harrow while Steven wasn’t in control, turning Marc and Harrow into adversaries for the rest of the show.

Moon Knight is a great show that handles dissociative identity disorder really well. While there are some minor problems with the show, you might not notice them if you don’t actively search for it. It takes a lot of twists and turns, some emotional, some not so much. The show has great special effects as well as costumes. The costume forMr. Knight looks like it was ripped straight from the comics. While the costume for Moon Knight isn’t very comic accurate, it makes up for it with the design it was given, reminding people of a mummy with crescent moons added to it.

Overall Moon Knight is a great show to watch. With plenty of rewatch value  and an amazingly well thought-out story is, evensome minor grievances, but the good outweighs the bad.