Fall Fashion at WHS

Blue sweater isolated on white, casual vintage knitted sweater, wool cardigan, top view

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Blue sweater isolated on white, casual vintage knitted sweater, wool cardigan, top view

Fall 2022 is right around the corner. Here at Washington High School, students are getting ready for the crunchy leaves, chilly weather, and most importantly, the cozy outfits. How does Washington feel about the coming wardrobe change?

“I love fall fashion,” junior Tristan Pier said. “It’s the greatest.”

Fall weather and the clothes that come with it are a favorite for some students.

 “I think it’s, honestly, the best season to dress,” said junior Belen Meza.

The versatility of fall fashion is one of the reasons students love it. “You can style items so many different ways,” senior Courtney Crabtree said. Fall fashion can be so different day to day because the weather changes so often.

The Missouri weather can make it hard to dress for fall, but not for long. Early fall in Missouri can feel like going from winter to summer and back again all in 24 hours. 

Later in the fall, however, when the weather is a bit more stable, is “the optimal weather because it’s not hot or cold, so you can get the most variety of outfits,” junior Victor Hoang said. 

So, what exactly is Washington High School wearing this season? 

Looking good while feeling comfortable is important to the students at Washington. Sweaters are, of course, one of the most popular fall fashion items.

 “I love sweaters…[they’re] really comfortable and [they] look nice as well,” said sophomore Taylor Carpenter. Sweaters come in so many styles. They can be patterned, fitted, cropped, or, as has been most popular recently, oversized.

The baggy silhouette has been around for decades but has gained mainstream popularity in the last three or four years. Many students like relaxed clothes, particularly pants, for fall. 

Crabtree lists “a good pair of baggy jeans in every color” as one of her fall staples and “big flowy bottoms” as one of her favorite trends for fall 2022. 

Layers are also a common feature of fall fashion. Layering a crewneck with a white button-up underneath is Pier’s fall go-to. Some students think that layering in the fall can elevate your outfits. 

“Fall time makes fashion more intricate,” said senior Jake Rhodes. However, students warn to be careful when putting on layers. 

“Too many layers can get too hot unless you’re outside the entire day,” Crabtree said. The temperature difference between outside and inside can be difficult to work around. 

“It’ll be really cold outside and…I’ll dress for that and then when I get in the school, I’m overheating,” said Meza. 

Even though navigating some of the fluctuating temperatures in fall can be difficult, fall fashion is a favorite for many students at Washington High.