Musicians of WHS


Many students within Washington High School show their creativity through music, whether it be playing an instrument on their own, being involved in band or orchestra, or listening to music. 

Junior Eli Strickland plays many instruments with the band and on his own. His top two are saxophone and guitar, he plays many others such as piano, bass, bassoon, oboe, and drums. 

He has played the saxophone since seventh grade, and began “because it looked cool, sounded cool, and I like jazz,”  said Strickland.

 Playing an instrument gives students many new opportunities inside and outside of school.

 “I get to meet a bunch of other people,” said Strickland “I get to talk to a bunch of people and also I get a lot of mentors.” 

Junior Lily Meza plays guitar, she began playing the instrument in fifth grade and used to take lessons.

 “Nobody else in my family played an instrument so I decided to do it… I just liked music so I decided to play whatever I heard,” said Meza. 

 However, inspiration to begin playing and continuing to play comes in many different forms.

 “ I want to sound good… and I like to play along with what I hear which is fun,”  said Strickland.  

Junior Ethan Cain, who has played guitar for five years, spoke on what inspires him to play, “I was listening to a lot of metal stuff and I really wanted to play the music I was listening to…. I kept playing because I kept on discovering more music that I wanted to play that inspired me ” said Cain. 

Listening to music is a large part of musicians’ lives, these students shared their favorite songs, artists, and genres right now.

 “Fade in Nylon by Beacon School, that’s a really good song,” said Strickland.

 “[My favorite] genera is alternative,” said Meza. 

“[My] Favorite artist right now is probably Tim Henson,” said Cain. 

Students also gain other skills because of their instruments.

 “[I’ve gained] Some perseverance skills, other life skills… and I have a better ear now,” said Strickland.  

Playing instruments also encourages students to learn new songs, skills, and instruments.  “I mainly play classical guitar so [I want to learn] more rock music,” said Meza.  

Some students want to learn new songs while others want to learn entirely new instruments, “[I want to learn] piano,” said Cain.  

Playing an instrument can inspire students to continue to learn more in the future, many musicians want to learn new songs and pick up new instruments. “[I want to learn] more instruments for sure… I need to get insane at the piano, I really want to learn to play Misty (by Erroll Garner) on the piano,” said Strickland.