Pro/Con: Christmas Music in November


Listening to Christmas music in Nov. is a popular issue that sparks impassioned debate. Two Washington High School students give their opinions on the matter.


Pro: Junior Madeleine Henderson (me!)

“Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, I love it. It is unique in the fact that it has a seemingly never-ending catalogue of songs to go with it, and I love them, too. The happy songs, the sad songs, that one sort-of creepy song. To me, Christmas music means a light in the long, dark tunnel of winter. When it’s cold out and the trees are bare and the sun sets at 4:45, it can be difficult to focus on the happy parts of life, but that’s what Christmas music is all about. Being with family, friends and lovers; exchanging gifts, eating good food and watching the snow fall. If a genre of music reminds me of such good times, I’m going to listen to it for as long as I can. I agree that Christmas music all year long is superfluous, but Nov. really isn’t that far away from Christmas and if I want to extend my celebration for a few weeks, I think I should be able to do so without judgement. In addition to the emotional benefits, Christmas is top-tier study music. Doing homework with a candle lit, my mini Christmas tree plugged in and a good Christmas playlist makes me feel like I’m living in a Pinterest board. In fact, I’m listening to Christmas music as I write this. In all, Christmas music makes me happy, so what if it makes me happy in Nov.?” 


Con: Junior Tristan Pier

“Well, for starters, Christmas music has a different feel compared to your standard music genres. Its way too cheery and doesn’t make for a good soundtrack in Nov. I like to think of Nov. as more of a jazzy and orchestral month. Then everyone says, ‘What about slow Christmas music in Nov.?’ It’s just not the same. If I hear ‘Silent Night’ or ‘White Christmas’ during Nov., something bad may happen. Also, Christmas music makes for a terrible vibe during any other month. The only acceptable Christmas song [outside of Dec.] is ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham! because it has your traditional Wham! sound, just with a Christmas theme. That, I can like. I [also] don’t like hearing Christmas music in Jan. or Feb. because Christmas is over. You won’t have the same feel, [and] it makes for an odd time to sing about Christmas tropes when it’s already over. Listening to Christmas music [outside of] Dec. is comparable to leaving your Christmas lights on all year or leaving the Christmas tree up for another 4 months after the 25th. It’s a lingering nuisance and it reminds you that you have to wait another 360 days for the next Christmas. Christmas season is meant to be celebrated in Dec., not in Jan. and not in Nov.. There is no such thing as ‘It’s pretty much Dec.’ because its either Dec. or its not. Case closed.”