BROCKHAMPTON, a seven-member boy band founded in 2010 just released their final albums and are ending their 12-year run as a group.  The group was founded and led by artist Kevin Abstract and includes performers Dom McLennon, Matt Champion, Joba, Merlyn Wood, Bearface, and Jabari Manwa.  

Over the 12 years they’ve been together, the group has released 9 albums and 24 singles, including a song, Hollywood Swinging, for the movie Minions The Rise of Gru. Then the group released two albums in the span of two days as their final project, The Family and TM.

The Family, one part of a two-album finale was released on Nov 17 and includes 17 songs amounting to a 35-minute-long album.

This release has had many mixed reviews, with the sporadic mix of fast-paced and slow songs, the album can feel confusing at times.  RollingStone article written by Mark Braboy published on the album argues that The Family is a great album to end their career on, “The Family does its best to tie up deep, loose ends while taking both new and old fans alike on a somber yet fun ride” Braboy said.

  Others argue that the album was a disappointing ending, “ The Family as a ‘parting gift’ only serves as a disappointment for all involved, but this does soften the blow of the end of an era, which was clearly over long ago,” said Millie O’Brien, writer for WhyNow. 

TM, the final album of BROCKHAMPTON’s career was released the next day on Nov 18, the album showcases 11 songs and has a 37-minute run time. 

This album showcased the whole group’s talents in a way that The Family did not attempt to do, TM has been met with better reviews. 

 CLASH argues that TM was an important album and a perfect way to end the group’s career, “TM feels like a classic BROCKHAMPTON record.  Immaculate production, genre shapeshifting, and some of the cleanest verses from the group in quite some time,”  CLASH said. 

The two final albums, regardless of how people feel about them, are something that any fan can appreciate.