AP Classes at WHS


According to the AP college board, an AP class is an advanced placement class that can earn students both college credits, better college preparation and can stand out to colleges looking at a student’s transcript.  Washington High School currently offers 16 AP courses in subjects such as History, Math, English and Art.  

Advanced placement courses are offered to anyone who is in the correct grade or who has done well enough in previous classes to advance forward.  “ AP courses are usually comparable to first-year college courses, so your student will be prepared for the workload and develop college-level academic skills,” according to Arizona University.  Not only can AP courses prepare students for college but they can also save them money in the future.  Scoring a 3 or above on an AP Test at the end of the course can often gain students credits in college, either in the subject they have taken or as general electives.  

 Collyn Flynn teaches the capstone program which consists of AP Seminar and AP Research.

 “ AP courses are a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves in ways that an on-level class doesn’t offer,” said Flynn. “ It gives them the opportunity to earn college credit… if a student doesn’t earn college credit, they’re still challenging themselves and making themselves better students.” 

Washington High School offers Pre AP courses for students who are not yet old enough to take advanced placement classes.

When developing a four-year plan or classes for the next school year it can be beneficial to consider including an AP class as well.

 “ I like seeing… students accomplish things they may not think that they could do,”  said Flynn. “It’s really exciting to see what they are able to accomplish.”