What’s New in Marthasville?


Across the river, the small town of Marthasville has seen some recent development in its historic buildings. Multiple businesses have moved into the town’s iconic buildings and revitalized them, creating a stronger community in Marthasville.

“I value the small community [in Marthasville] because my signature coaching style is very relationship-based,” Holly Harris said. “With the smaller atmosphere, I am able to truly connect with my clients and nourish a larger community.”

Harris is the owner of Full Circle Fitness, a group gym located at 200 South Two Street in Marthasville. Her business offers multiple fitness-based classes and personal training and nutrition services. 

“The Trifecta class encompasses all three main groups of exercise,” Harris said. “It builds strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.”

Full Circle Fitness opened in March of 2022, but before that Harris was working for larger gyms in the St. Louis area.

“I wanted to be primarily self-employed,” Harris said. “[I wanted to be] present and engage with my clients while representing myself.”

Full Circle Fitness offers a variety of classes and ways to care for the health of anyone who steps foot in their business, all while building the community and strength within the Marthasville area.

“Working in a larger town is too competitive,” Harris said. “The people are very rushed and I wanted to connect one on one.”

Not too far from Full Circle Fitness is a building that has fallen into disrepair over the years. In late 2022, work began to turn it into a beautiful event venue. 

“Preserve offers magnificent historic buildings [a chance] to serve our community once again” Preserve said. 

Preserve is set to open in 2024, and is already taking clients for the season. 

“[We] will offer community dinners, live theater and music, dancing, and a stunning event space for weddings and private events.” Preserve said.

The venue brings a new purpose to a historic building, creating a new place for the community of Marthasville to gather.

“Marthasville is a beautiful and convenient location,” Preserve said. “[It’s] honored by our area’s history and the role we played in building our nation.”

Both of these new businesses bring new light to Marthasville and are just the beginnings of the new growth that is visible everywhere you look. 

“Martasville is not only a charming place to call home, but a charming place to visit,” Preserve said. “If you’re still in doubt about the potential of Marthasville, please stop by and see for yourself.”