“The Record” by Boygenius: Reviewed

The Record by Boygenius: Reviewed

“The Record” is setting records. Boygenius, a supergroup made up of popular indie artists Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker, released their first full-length LP on Mar 31. 2023. The album consists of twelve songs, each more powerful than the last. On Jan 18. 2023, the first three singles from the album were released.

“$20”, with lead vocals by Julien Baker, set the tone for the album itself. It contains classic indie rock ideas, with a comfortable guitar sound meshing with Baker’s vocals wonderfully. The song and music video exude an extremely nostalgic feeling, which leaves the listener hungry for more. “$20” is a departure from Baker’s usual acoustic guitar and banjo lead ballads, which highlights how the group mold together to create new sounds for each artist.

“$20” is immediately followed by “Emily I’m Sorry,” a softer ballad with lead vocals from Phoebe Bridgers. This song is very reminiscent of Bridgers’ solo music, especially “Graceland Too” from her sophomore album “Punisher.” The song features vocals from the other two members of Boygenius. “Emily I’m Sorry” is still extremely unique, highlighting the mellow quality of Bridgers’ voice while utilizing Dacus’ ethereal backing vocals. 

Lucy Dacus takes the microphone in the final of the trio of singles, with a slightly more upbeat, but still melancholy song. “True Blue” calls back to the soft electric guitar of “$20” while maintaining a completely different tone. The song is reminiscent of Dacus’ most recent album, “Home Video,” while still utilizing the instrumentation and style of the other two members. This song has a pleading quality, asking the listener for something that seems impossible.

The vinyl record for “The Record” also includes details that are hard not to enjoy. The final lyric of the closing song, “Letter to an Old Poet,” includes an eternal loop on the physical copy, causing the listener to be forever waiting for the record to stop on the word “waiting.” Details like this are abundant in the crafting of the vinyl and record itself.

Altogether, the album is extremely well produced, written and simply a joy to listen to. Though the content of the songs is serious and solemn, the instrumentation and vocals from such talented musicians make it hard to not enjoy. Many of the songs reference the musicians’ solo work, while still tying everything together beautifully. Boygenius has only gotten better since their self-titled EP, released in 2018. “The Record” is astounding work, while not unexpected from such acclaimed musicians. “The Record” is secure in its title for a reason. If not anything else, it is the record of today.