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Trending Gifts of 2017

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Christmas is the time for spending time with friends and family, and also eating as much as you want. Gifts have been a part of the Christmas tradition for as long as anyone can remember. They usually revolve around trendy new items that people have wanted all year. This year, many new changes have occurred, good and bad. Some of the trendy gifts on this list are always talked about in the hallways of WHS, which is why I’m going to talk about some of the trendy items that have crossed paths with teenage eyes this year.

Trending Gifts of 2017

1. iPhone X

We all know about the famous iPhone X with it’s 5.8” screen, and it’s incredible, but slightly, creepy face recognition, that costs $999, which is way out of most people’s spending limit. Many people, including kids, want the new phone that is “so awesome.” You can find this device at your carrier store (such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc.), or even at the Apple store at the West County Mall.

2. Fenty Beauty products by Rihanna

3. Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)/ Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

4. Nintendo Switch

5. Bath Bombs

Taking a relaxing bath with your bath bomb smelling up the whole room has not only  been a top trend this year, but it’s also very relaxing. In case anyone isn’t aware of what a bath bomb is, it is essentially a ball of dry ingredients that you put in your bathtub and it will fizz up. The bath bomb includes essential oils, color and scents that you can use to spice up your bath while you read, meditate or just relax. You can find bath bombs anywhere from LUSH to Walmart to Target from $2-$7. 

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Photo Courtesy by Wikimedia Commons

6. Polaroid Cameras

“Vintage” things have come back in style during 2017; one example would be a beloved Polaroid Camera. Yes, the ones that you take and it prints out automatically“Shake it like a Polaroid Picture.” This item can be found at any Walmart for about $50.


7. Record Players Image result for record players

Photo Courtesy by Flickr

8. Vans

The shoes that were brought to us in the 60s are back and better than ever with many students at WHS wearing the once called “skater” shoes. You can find these shoes at Mid Rivers, Chesterfield and West County malls, and you can also find them online on the Vans website.Image result for Vans

Photo courtesy by Max Pixel

9. Ukuleles

10. Hp Portable Photo Printers

This portable printer is a cool invention for anyone who can’t print out pictures or doesn’t want to wait for 20 minutes at Walgreens or Walmart. It’s a handy item that you could have for $129.95 at Best Buy.

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Trending Gifts of 2017